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How a Chiropractor Treats a Hiatal Hernia

Most people have no idea that chiropractors can treat a variety of ailments and not just car accident or sports injuries. Sure they get plenty of those types of patients, and some chiropractors even treat professional sports athletes like football, baseball, and basketball players.

When you think about it, why wouldn’t you try fixing your condition naturally before going to a traditional medical doctor? Chances are that they will just want to prescribe some type of medication that costs you or your health plan a lot of money. However these pharmaceutical drugs can cause more problems than any benefit they may give you. I am sure you have seen all the commercials on American television – it seems that almost half of them are from the big drug companies pushing one of their new medications and telling you to ask your doctor to try it on you.

The problem with this, is that there is just too much money involved in the drug industry to really believe that they have your best interests at heart. The drug companies send salesman to doctor’s offices and give them some free samples hoping that the doctor will start prescribing their drug to their patients. When this happens the doctor makes money for writing the prescription and the drug companies make money because you bought their medication. Whether or not the drug actually helped you seems to be a secondary consideration.

I am not saying that prescription drugs do not have a place in the maintenance of our health, but they should be used as a last resort if possible. Of course there are exceptions such as antibiotics. If you have an infection, it would be stupid to avoid antibiotics because they will cure your condition. The same can’t be said for most other prescription drugs. Most of the medications put out by the pharmaceutical companies are designed to manage your condition and keep you paying them every month for the rest of your life. Very few medications actually cure anything.

Always check with your chiropractor or naturopath for any chronic or non life threatening conditions. Obviously if you have an emergency you need to seek medical care right away.

Here is a video that describes how a chiropractor can treat a hiatal hernia

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