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What Is That Cracking Sound When We Adjust Your Neck?

If there is one thing that keeps people from going to see a chiropractor, it would have to be the fear of getting their neck cracked during the treatment. Lets face it, we have all seen the movies where the bad guy or even the good guy twists the neck of their adversary and breaks it with a cracking sound. This usually results in instant death for the victim. That image more than anything sticks with most people and the thought of getting their neck cracked on purpose cracking neckstrikes fear in their hearts.

But what is really happening when your chiropractor cracks your neck? In reality they are not breaking anything at all. In your spine there are what we call synovial joints that are filled with synovial fluid. When the adjustment is being performed the chiropractor is releasing gas from the joint and because there is a vacuum in that joint space you get a clicking, cracking, or popping sound. The same kind of thing happens when you crack your knuckles. You are not really causing any damage although it sounds like it might be.

So, there is no reason to be worried about this when you visit your chiropractor. In fact you should be more worried when you visit a medical doctor for any ailment because they will most likely try to prescribe you some drugs that you may or may not need. In addition, those same drugs may cause serious side effects even if they manage to improve your condition, so you could still end up worse off than when you started. Why not try chiropractic treatments that are totally natural and have been proven to help people for over a hundred years?

If your chiropractor can’t help you, then try your regular doctor since there may be something more seriously wrong. Also don’t rule out the services of a naturopath since they can help you heal your body through nutrition and diet. They can do a simple food sensitivity test to see if there are any foods that you should be staying away from. There have been many cases of people feeling awful and then finding out that they are sensitive to certain foods. Once they stop eating those foods they start to feel much better.

Here is a good short video that explains the cracking of joints a little bit more. Remember there is nothing to fear from a chiropractic treatment. Just make sure your practitioner has the proper qualifications, training, and experience.




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