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How A Chiropractor Treats Back Pain in Pregnancy

Many people overlook the fact that chiropractors can be very helpful during pregnancy. They can help to relieve pain which mostly occurs in the back, and they can also assist in making the delivery smoother and quicker.

pregnant women with back painTypically they would examine the patient from the back and look at how the skull, spine, shoulder blades, and hips line up. Anything that is protruding or leaning can mean that there is a curvature somewhere on the spine which can put extra stress on certain parts of the spine. Next, they would check the pelvis and hips right on top of the pelvic bone which is also known as the ilium and if one side is higher than the other it can mean that the affected hip is moving backwards causing pressure on the spine in the lower back.

So what would they do to gently re-align the pelvis to relieve the pressure and remove some of the nerve pain? The patient would lay down on the treatment bed on their side. Since we have already determined that the pelvis is contorted, having her in that position means that the baby will be safe since she is not laying on her stomach. This side position allows them to gently move the pelvis while the patient basically gives themselves a hug. The practitioner will perform a slight twisting motion and there may be some faint cracking noises, but most people will not be alarmed by that. Once the adjustment is complete on that side, the chiropractor will have the patient move to their other side and repeat the process.

To complete the treatment the Patient would lay on their back and bring their knees up to relieve the stress on the lower back. This is a very safe and effective way to give a pregnant woman relief from lower back pain without resorting to drugs. It is much more effective than medication because it treats the root of the problem instead of masking the pain with pain medication which can be very addicting if taken too often. Also chiropractic care is a lot safer for the baby since they will not be exposed to potentially dangerous doses of drugs that could cause harm in the long run.

Most chiropractors would be very happy to help a woman with any pain they feel as a result of pregnancy and they might even make the delivery go smoother as well. Champion is a clinic in Edmonton where the chiropractors are very experienced with pregnancy and can even treat the baby after it is born.

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